Ready to say goodbye to single use wipes?

Ready to say goodbye to single use wipes?

If your make up removal routine is quickly becoming more complex than your make up application routine, we NEED. TO. TALK.

The Original Make up Eraser is here to teach you that you don’t need a suite of wipes, cleansers or exfoliators to get your skin clean, you just need water and a bit of advanced technology!

The Original Make Up Eraser is a total game changer when it comes to getting your make up off. With its advanced microfiber technology, this super soft reusable cloth uses electrostatic and Van Der Waals forces to get make up off at a MICROSCOPIC level. Now before you say, ‘Van Der Waaa?’ forces, let me explain. Van Der Waals forces include attraction and repulsions between atoms and molecules. Essentially, it’s using the forces of the universe to give you the cleanest face possible!

And if that’s not enough science for you, The Original Make Up Eraser uses water - just plain old water, to activate its water-induced polarization qualities, adhering to and locking up make up as it goes! Basically it’s a whole lotta science in one deceptively simple-looking cloth.

And that’s not even the best bit! The best bit is that you don’t have to crack open a dozen bottles to get your make up off at the end of a long day - all you have to do is wash and wipe and you’re D.O.N.E!
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