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Collection: Body & Personal Care


On Trend Beauty doesn’t just want your beautiful face to have all the fun! Our team believes we should take care of you from top-to-tootsie-toe, to make your body feel fabulous every day. That means our team believes your bod deserves a body wash and shower gel that levels you the heck UP. On Trend Beauty isn’t satisfied bringing you just good body washes, we want the BEST body washes. We don’t want a good body moisturiser, it has to be the BEST body moisturizer. We don’t care for wishy-washy exfoliators, we want the BEST exfoliator for body - available right now! To that end, we have set our sights on all the big brands like MOR Boutique, The Aromatherapy Co, and Bondi Sands, just to name a few. Of course, we’ve also got the classics like Dove liquid body wash and Dove body shampoo because we know you love a tried-and-true product you can trust. And yes, we have your post towel-off routine covered, too! With cream for hands, feet and rough spots at the ready so your skin is primed to perfection. You’re welcome!