About Us

The On Trend Beauty team is on a mission: to be your beauty bestie! Our friendship is all about bringing you exclusive drops of the biggest brands in makeup and skin care for simply stunning prices. With over 20 years of experience in online retail, our gorgeous team is expert at getting our hands on the most hard-to-find and trending products.

We hunt the world wide to scoop up literally EVERYTHING you’re trying to get your hands on - think K18 hair mask, Revlon lip gloss and Maybelline mascara. But we wouldn’t be beauty obsessives if we stopped there!

The On Trend Beauty team is going to make sure your makeup bag is bursting with your pick of eye masks, eye lashes, lip oil, bb cream and concealer plus whatever eyelash curler, hair dryer or straightening wand you need. And we do it all because we know that’s what beauty besties are for! Based in Australia and proudly Australian owned, On Trend Beauty is here for you, babe!